Douglas Heriot

Great for playing around, testing complex MIDI setups, and learning more about MIDI when you’re away and don’t have extra hardware.

How do I make it do stuff?

  1. Select a the kind of message you want to send with the tabs at the top.
  2. Set the parameters you want.
  3. Press the Note buttons, or drag the value sliders.

Questions & Feedback?

I’d love to hear your questions, feedback, and how you’re using MIDI Friend.
Feel free to send me an email.

I’ve also got a press pack available for download, with the MIDI friend icon and a bunch of screenshots you can use.

Interested in Lighting Control?

You might like to check out my other app, DMX Assistant, which can output DMX Art-Net triggered by MIDI.

Why isn’t it working?

MIDI Friend will only send messages to the destination device selected at the bottom of the window, on the selected channel. Make sure it’s correct.

MIDI Monitor is another great tool that’s useful for solving these issues, by showing you all the MIDI messages passing through your computer (include MIDI Friend’s)

What exactly does it output?

MIDI Friend can produce a range of messages on demand, with easily configureable parameters:

  • Note On, Note Off
  • Control Change
  • Pitch Bend Change

MIDI Friend has a simple interface so it’s clear exactly what it’s doing, and can even be told to stay on top of other apps you have running so it’s always accessible (the option is in the Window menu).